Grown up, very much like a mother.. 'Jay Z' takes his daught

Grown up, very much like a mother.. 'Jay Z' takes his daught

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Grown up, very much like a mother.. 'Jay Z' takes his daughter to watchpg10รับ100 ทํา 200 ถอนได้100Games that can be played for real money without investment. There are hundreds of games, especially with games provided by SLOTXO, but how good is it? If you've played a new game that have been selected to make the best money. SPIN games, simple, but worthwhile rewards. Most importantly, start betting with a very small bet. The more you play, the richer you get. Download slots, play for free, only these two games are required. basketball, but people talk about 'Beyonce'.
Known to be a hit in the entertainment industry abroad, no less. For the daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, superstars, the two famous rapper "Blue Ivy Carter" who recently appeared to watch NBA basketball on the sidelines with her father.

On June 13, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter attended an NBA basketball game at the Chase Center in San Francisco. that foreign media said This trip to watch basketball with my father. Proving that the 10-year-old Blue Ivy got a full mother. Either way, the style is impeccable. With a leather jacket, black t-shirt with the words “Brown Skin Girl”, paired with pants, black glasses and Nike sneakers.

E Online reported that Jay-Z and Blue Ivy sat on the sidelines watching the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, where field occupants said Jay-Z had wrapped her daughter's shoulder. Ready to explain the game to my daughter. And he looked proud of his daughter, but Blue Ivy seemed a little embarrassed. when she and dad appears on the screen Many people say that it is a very cute moment.

However, many people have also commented that She's growing up so fast, some say she's just like Beyonce, both in appearance and style, like twins.
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