Poisoning the Russian-Ukrainian war, transforming the world'

Jeśli macie ciekawe informacje o odbywających się imprezach i wydarzeniach, piszcie co, gdzie, kiedy. Dzielcie się swoimi pasjami i sposobami spędzania wolnego czasu w mieście.

Poisoning the Russian-Ukrainian war, transforming the world'

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Covid-19 outbreak It is one of the biggest crises of the 21st century. Its destructive power is all characterxo slot walletof dragon will surprise the players! You can play both on mobile. Through the application or through our website, or you can download slot games and install them on your mobile phone as well. We have many bonuses waiting for you. For those who want comfort at all times You can play slots through our website right away. Guaranteed to be unforgettable. so severe that globalization appears to be halted for a moment as countries have to close their borders to contain the outbreak. A world where everything used to flow fast and fluidly is stuck. Supply chain disrupted due to China, the birthplace of COVID-19 and the world's largest factory had to close the factory As a result, many countries that rely on parts and raw materials from China, such as auto parts, are unable to produce products.

results of covid-19 At that time, many countries began to look for shorter supply chains. Seek nearby supplies instead of distant China.

Now, when the world is faced with a big crisis, the Russo-Ukrainian war is repeated again. The world is therefore being acted upon by two huge forces that can cause permanent changes in both supply chains and trade. Because of the war, the "European Union" had to sanction by banning oil from Russia. Russia, on the other hand, has threatened to stop supplying oil to countries that Russia is not happy with. As a result, soaring energy prices drive global inflation.

At the same time, it affects the sufficiency of world food. Because Ukraine is one of the world's largest agricultural exporters. but was blocked by Russia from the Black Sea ports from exporting By this point, Russia was seen as an unreliable trading partner.

Peter Martin, director of research at Wood McKenzie, said the coronavirus has led countries to see the need for shorter supply chains. The Russo-Ukrainian war emphasizes the need for reliable trading partners, so it is possible that the two major crises will cause global trade to “rearrange” itself. More “regions” have shorter supply chains. and must have reliable partners
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