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Russia, Ukraine: Laser destroys Russian bomber drones Are th

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Recently, the Russian authorities announced that they had used "Laser Weapons" in the War of Invasion ofสล็อต true walletUkraine But US intelligence agencies Said that he had never found any evidence confirming the use of such weapons once. The Ukrainian leader has already decided that The state-of-the-art magic weapon that Russia claims is just propaganda. does not exist at all

News of a laser weapon used to destroy a drone bomber comes from Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who oversees the development of the Russian military. which he gave an interview to a state television station that A prototype laser weapon "Zadira" has been deployed in the Ukrainian battlefield. The weapon is capable of incinerating Ukrainian military drones in five seconds, even if the drone is five kilometers away.

"Zadira" is considered the latest Russian laser weapon. After the previous launch of the "Peresvet" (Peresvet) lasers have interfered with the operation of spy satellites. The latter was named after an Orthodox priest who was a medieval warrior.

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However, the US Department of Defense statement in response to Russia Not a single trace of laser use was found on the battlefield. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mocked that The Zadira laser weapon is no different from the "magic weapon" that Nazi Germany's military used to claim during World War II.

"The more clearly Russia knows that it is unlikely to win the war, the more More and more propaganda appeared about powerful magic weapons. This will only help turn the situation around more often,” he said. “When the third month of battle We have seen the Russians trying to find and boast of such a wonderful weapon. This shows that their past mission has completely failed.”

Re: Russia, Ukraine: Laser destroys Russian bomber drones Ar

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