LeBron James, Rick and Morty are coming to the fighting game

Jeśli macie ciekawe informacje o odbywających się imprezach i wydarzeniach, piszcie co, gdzie, kiedy. Dzielcie się swoimi pasjami i sposobami spędzania wolnego czasu w mieście.

LeBron James, Rick and Morty are coming to the fighting game

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Warner Bros. Games' MultiVersus, the platforming fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Brawlhalla, is coming soon to open beta with a rich roster of characters from various WB franchises. Developer Player First Games Going to add one more item to the mix: Space Jam: A New Legacy star LeBron James.

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The NBA icon will join the lineup when the open beta starts on July 26. Unsurprisingly, his guilt is focused on using basketball. He can throw balls at opponents or dribble around his feet to inflict damage on enemies. James is also able to intercept missiles by building fences. Surprisingly (or not, depending on how much you appreciate his playing skills in Space Jam), James doesn't show himself in the game. Actor John Bentley will play him.
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