Ukrainian cargo plane crashes in Greece Serbia revealed what

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Ukrainian cargo plane crashes in Greece Serbia revealed what

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Aircraft carrier in Ukraine crash in Greece Villagers heard a loud explosion. Carrying mortar ammunition weighing 11.5 tons

On July 17, 2022, the AP reported that Antonov cargo plane operated by Ukrainian Airlines It fell onสมัครสล็อตxo วอลเล็ตSaturday local time. Area near Kavala In northern Greece, two hours after the crash, local residents saw the fireball and heard the explosion.

Greece's civil aviation official said. The flight was heading from Serbia. to travel to Jordan by an An-12 aircraft, a propeller plane built during the Soviet Union Operated by Meridian Airlines

Greek media said eight passengers were on board, adding that the plane was carrying 12 tons of dangerous goods, most of them bombs. But local officials said There is no exact information about the cargo on the plane. It also provides different information to the media regarding the number of people on board.

for protection due to the strong smell that emanated from the scene Officials coordinated to notify villagers near the scene of the accident. close the window all night not to travel outside the home and must wear a mask

Officials admit that They don't know if there are dangerous chemicals on the plane.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Greece also said that The pilot informed the authorities that there was a problem with the engine. and informed that he chose to land at Kavala Airport

Communication ended almost immediately after. And the plane crashed in an area about 40 kilometers from the airport.

Filippos Anastasiadis, Mayor of Pakcaio In an interview with the AP about an hour after the birth, several explosions had been heard a few minutes ago. He was about 300 meters from the scene of the accident.

Another official said An explosion was heard two hours after the accident.

Villagers also reported that Before the plane crash They saw fireballs and smoke.

Local media reported that The army and explosives specialists were on their way to the scene. It is located on farmland near two villages, and experts from Greece's Atomic Energy Commission will also join the investigation.

Firefighters have enclosed an area within a radius of about 400 meters. Fire officials said the enclosed area would later be expanded.
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