South Korean president apologizes to people over Itaewon cas

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South Korean president apologizes to people over Itaewon cas

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South Korean president apologizes to people over Itaewon case Reiterates moving forward to find the guilty, reform the police
South Korean President Yun Seok Yeol has apologized to the people for the Halloween tragedy. That killed 156 people and injured 197 others in Itanwon, where he vowed to deal with those responsible for the improper response.

Yoon apologized during a meeting to review security measures. South Korea remains in mourning andเว็บเกมสล็อตmourning for the victims. It is still in the process of investigating officers' response to the accident.

“My condolences and apologies to the bereaved families who experienced an unspeakable tragedy. and to people sharing pain and sorrow I dare not compare myself to the parents who lost their sons and daughters. But as the president should protect the lives and safety of the people. I feel very sorry,” Yun said.

Initially, Yun said the authorities had not been able to cope well with crowd management and handling safety regulations in the country. He harshly criticized the police and apologized to the victims and the wider audience. After reports of people calling to report an emergency, police came to look after the situation hours before the fatal crash.

during the meeting Yun pledged to overhaul the national security management system. Do a thorough inspection and bring those responsible for the failure to be held accountable especially Major police reforms are required. This is necessary to prepare for danger and prevent accidents. to protect public safety
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