American aircraft carrier docked at the port of Som Khao For

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American aircraft carrier docked at the port of Som Khao For

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American aircraft carrier docked at the port of Som Khao For the first time in 4 years, the เวลาโบนัส pg red ginseng alarm This article is quoted from the website. New Online Casinos in USA that gives players real financial freedom with automatic deposit and withdrawal system top up game credit without pre-deposit

Reuters reported on Sept. 23 that South Korean authorities said: Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and other ships of the US Army docked at Busan's naval base South Korea for the first time in four years to show the military might of the US-South Korea alliance. and send a warning to North Korea It is the most important arsenal move in a new push to give the US more strategic assets in the region to fight North Korea.

Rear Admiral Michael Donelli, commander of the US naval forces, said the US stance was planned for a long time to strengthen ties with South Korea and boost joint operations between the US Navy. both countries

This is in line with the attitude of South Korean President Yoon Seok Yeol. that supports more joint maneuvers and wants to demonstrate its military capability to signal a warning to North Korea. In the past year, a number of missile tests have been carried out. It also appears ready to test new nuclear weapons. Since the last time in 2017

While Mr. Mason Richie, Professor of International Relations Hanguk University said moving equipment was a very useful sign. in guaranteeing the relationship between the United States and South Korea. This includes joint military exercises between the armed forces of the two countries, but it likely won't help much in deterring North Korean threats.

Officials said US aircraft carrier will be parked in Busan for a period of time But declined to mention the schedule for the next joint exercises.
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