Researchers develop a way to use AI to detect Parkinson's di

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Researchers develop a way to use AI to detect Parkinson's di

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American researchers have developed a method that uses artificialsphinx 168believe. From the past that society has labeled it as Gambling games are wicked. only to make people useless But this website has proven that Our website is a true gambling master. intelligence (AI) technology to detect Parkinson's disease. The system works by measuring a person's breathing patterns during sleep.

Studies describing this method indicate that It can measure the severity of the disease and record its progression. The study was published recently in the journal Nature Medicine.

Researchers point out Early signs of Parkinson's disease are not easily detectable. This is because the signs or symptoms appear only after the disease has developed for many years.

Researchers have been studying other ways to identify or detect Parkinson's disease before it has a chance to develop. This includes examining cerebral fluid or brain imaging. But these methods are costly and require only specialized medical centers.

The research team said The new AI-powered system is simple and can detect disease early in its development.

Parkinson's is a neurological disease that damages the brain. It often causes patients to lose the ability to control their movements. This can affect the patient's gait and cause the body to shake. In addition, many patients experience cognitive problems. as well as mental health and sleep problems.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Parkinson's disease is the fastest growing neurological disease in the world. The number of cases of the disease has doubled in the past 25 years.

The World Health Organization estimates that More than 8.5 million people worldwide have Parkinson's disease. Because this disease affects the body. So dealing with this disease can put pressure on care and on individual caregivers.

The AI ​​technology method for detecting Parkinson's has been developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other education and health organizations.

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The system will record the nocturnal breathing data of the subjects. This information is collected by devices that measure signals from breathing sensors or from radio signals in the room, and then the information is processed through what the researchers call "sensors." A "neural network" is a computer system created to simulate or imitating the functioning of the human brain

Dina Katabi, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT who led the study, said breathing has always been linked to Parkinson's. Kinson and breathing have been documented since 1817 in a study by Dr. James Parkinson.

She said this connection allowed the researchers to "Consider the potential for detecting this disease by breathing. without having to look at the movement.” In addition, past studies have shown that The breathing pattern linked to Parkinson's disease can appear years before other symptoms. This means that AI systems can be early prognoses.

Researchers used the algorithm to test 7,687 patients, including 757 patients with Parkinson's disease. The study included data from several US hospitals. as well as other public information.

Such experiments show that With just one night of sleep, the AI ​​system was able to detect Parkinson's with an accuracy of 86%, and with 12 nights of sleep data, that rate rose to 95%.

The researchers said The simplicity of the tool will allow more people to get Parkinson's testing in their own homes, and that it may be able to help people in underserved communities. The same is true for individuals who live in rural areas or who cannot travel to hospitals.
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