Apple expands production base in Vietnam, reiterating trend

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Apple expands production base in Vietnam, reiterating trend

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Confronting the ongoing international economic and political monsoons of "China", resulting in pigspinชุมชนสล็อต of real players. But despite how popular it is. There are still many facts. that many players may not have known before Today we are going to share with you all 6 things. Let's get started. the status of "Vietnam" as the world's new manufacturing center more and more outstanding, which the production of advanced technology equipment of "Apple “More and more US tech giants are moving to Vietnam, the latest sign of a massive move by global manufacturers out of China.

Nikkei Asia reports that "Luxshare Precision Industries" and "Foxconn" major suppliers of Apple. has begun to test production "Apple Watch" in Vietnam, which is the first production of the device outside of China.

Apple has also asked its suppliers to install a test production line for the MacBook in Vietnam. Both are in the process of negotiating to test the production of the smart speaker "Homepod" soon.

Apple has been using Vietnam as a base for some of its Airpods since 2020. has begun to move some of the production line of "iPad" equipment to Vietnam Because of the lockdown measures in "Shanghai", which is the main production source of Apple's equipment in China. This results in the risk of shortage of parts, equipment and goods.

This move has resulted in Vietnam becoming Apple's largest device manufacturing base outside of China. Apple currently has at least 22 suppliers with factories in Vietnam, a jump from 14 in 2018.

It also shows the upgrading of Vietnam's industrial and technological capabilities to the next level. Because Apple Watch production is full of small, complicated parts. which requires advanced technological skills to assemble

Not only Apple continues to expand production in Vietnam, "Samsung", the South Korean technology giant. There are also six electronics manufacturing plants in Vietnam, two of which are smartphone factories, which account for 50-60% of the total smartphone production of about 300. million units/year and early last year Samsung has also invested an additional $920 million. to expand production in Vietnam

while VN Express Vietnamese media reports that Google is aiming to start trial production of the new Pixel smartphone in Vietnam in early 2023 after the previous model was made mainly in China. Including computer manufacturers such as "Dell" and "HP" also plans to move about 30% of the notebook production base in China to Vietnam as well.

However, moving technology equipment manufacturing bases out of China still has some obstacles. especially in the supply chain For devices that are highly complex and use a large number of parts. Manufacturing in China, the center of the component supply chain, keeps production costs lower.
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