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Famous former nudist Let's go back to the beloved island to

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After returning to the world of prosperity in 2018, the famous Japanese 'nudist' grandfatherทดลองเล่นสล็อต โร มา ฟรี ไม่ต้องสมัครgames on demand. Whether you like to play table games, live casino games, slot games, etc., that online casino It must have a full service. This can be called It's a good online casino. and in accordance with international standards had the opportunity to go back and say goodbye to the island that used to be his warm home for almost

Masafumi Nagasaki, 87, made headlines when he was a 'nudist' living on the island of Sotobanari. Okinawa Prefecture Solely in 2014, and most recently, he became the news again. When he decides to return to the small island he calls 'home' for the last time.

On June 25, Alvaro Cezero, founder of 'Docastaway', a consulting firm that seeks solitude on deserted islands around the world. Released the story he and his crew followed to film Nagasaki's final journey, it also revealed some aspects of the former nudist's life. after him 'Helped' to return to the world of prosperity in 2018

Cesero explains that Grandfather Nagasaki had barely adapted to a world he was unfamiliar with. Especially when faced with the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the more people lose contact with people. He doesn't have any friends and can't relate. Due to being alone for almost 3 decades on a remote island

Sesero said that Nagasaki had a complicated personality. but speak honestly This is difficult to accept in Japanese society. to maintain etiquette as the main Moreover, no one could understand his unique lifestyle. especially about the desire to live a nudist life. Undressed on a deserted island far from people

Grandpa Nagasaki He was 'rescued' from the island where he lived four years ago after a fisherman noticed him unconscious on the beach. When Grandfather returned to the mainland The official provided the address for only a small room. with a small allowance

Grandpa spent most of his time locked himself in his room. because it was the only place where he could be naked freely. While feeling hopeless, Grandpa calls Docastaway's Japan branch manager to mourn and tells him he misses Sotobanari Island very much.

Nagasaki arrived on Sotobanari Island in 1979 as a volunteer to live on a deserted island. He was 53 years old at the time, and he said in an interview that he wanted to die here.

Cesero's team therefore decided to persuade the Japanese authorities to bring grandfather back to visit the beloved island which made Grandfather very happy when they reached the island Grandpa Nagasaki I walked happily to explore the place where I used to stay. and took off his clothes with ease