one squirrel Almost 4000 villagers have no electricity to us

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one squirrel Almost 4000 villagers have no electricity to us

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electricity to use!!!
have you heard Small chili peppers ?

That's to tell you that don't insult 'small things'!!!

Don't think that anything 'small' is harmless!!!

Because of the size of being bitten by mosquitoes or ants, we still feel 'hurt'.



Well, let's just 'get into the news'. It's the news of just one little squirrel.

that makes residents of Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA

Almost 4,000 lives without electricity!!!

News quoted by The Minnesota Valley Electric Company.

Informed the cause of the power outage at 7 a.m. on Sunday, June 5

As a result, almost 4,000 villagers were without electricity for 30 minutes.

It was because a squirrel snuck into the substation.

and then to do damage to power supply equipment

News that this event, officials only informed the 'cause' the power outage.
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