Russia seizes Ukraine's second largest power plant

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Russia seizes Ukraine's second largest power plant

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Ukraine confirms Russia's seizure of Wulehirsk power plant in Donetsk region But that's just a little tactical advantage.

On July 28, 2022, The Guardian reported that Advisor to the President of Ukraine said Russian สล็อต forces have taken over Ukraine's second largest power plant. and is conducting a large deployment of troops to invade the three southern regions of Ukraine. Amid expectations of retaliation from Ukraine

Russia-backed forces said Wednesday that They have taken over the Woolehirsk Power Plant. which is a coal-fired power plant during the Soviet era It was Russia's first significant advance in more than three weeks.

Olexi Erestovic, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Confirmed the seizure of power plants in the Donetsk region. but identified as "Little tactical advantage" for Russia

He added that Russia's deployment of troops to the southern regions of Ukraine It appears to have shifted from an offensive to a strategic defense. by sending troops to 3 cities, namely Melitopol Zaporizhia city and the city of Kherson

Ukraine has clearly shown that intends to retake Kherson. which was occupied by Russia in the early days of the war

Olexi Danilov, Secretary General of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine He tweeted earlier that Russia is gathering the largest number of soldiers. move to Kherson But he did not give further details.

Erestovic also said that Actions to liberate Kherson have begun. After an attack on the bridge, which is an important transport route for Russia. to a southern Russian-occupied city

on wednesday night Zelensky said "We are doing everything possible to ensure that Russian forces do not have any logistics opportunities in our country." He also promised to build a new bridge.

Erestovic also confirmed that Ukraine's tactic is to separate the Russian forces. And Russia will be left with three options: retreat (if possible), surrender or be destroyed.
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