Sri Lanka, heavy crisis Less than a week left for domestic u

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Sri Lanka, heavy crisis Less than a week left for domestic u

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Sri Lanka is facing severe energy shortages. After the worst economic crisis in history since independence. As a result, the government does not have sufficient reserves for importing food, medicine, oil and essential consumer goods. Meanwhile, the electricity sector, which has suffered heavy losses, is preparing to raise the electricity bill by 835%.

The Sri Lankan government has struggled to survive by requesting loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as bailouts from other countries. But this crisis still doesn't seem to end easily. Recently, the government has come out to admit that The oil reserves in stock were running out of stock and it was decided to stop selling oil to the general public for two weeks, set aside for essential services. public transport vehicles for medical use and vehicles used to transport food only

The crisis was further aggravated by Ceylon Petroleum Corp, the country's only government-run petroleum company. came out to announce the oil price increase again on Sunday (June 26), causing the price of diesel The fuel, which is vital for public transport, was up 15 percent to 460 rupees a liter ($1.27), while gasoline rose 22 percent to 550 rupees a liter ($1.52). or around 53.50 baht)

The latest round of oil price increases came after Energy Minister Kanchana Vijesegera revealed that Oil shipments into the country may be delayed indefinitely due to financial and shipping problems, while Ceylon Petroleum Corp still has $700 million in debt. causing no country or company to sell oil If there is no guarantee from an international bank

The situation prompted the Sri Lankan government to consider allowing foreignทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรีxocompanies to import and sell fuel in the country. It aims to open 4 foreign companies to operate in the oil market. It is currently monopolized by two companies, Ceylon Petroleum Corp, which owns 80 percent of the market and Indian Oil Corporation with 20 percent, according to Mr Vijesegera. Which reasoned that opening the way for foreign companies to sell oil at existing gas stations in the country will help alleviate the crisis from heavy to light.

The aftermath of the oil shortage also affects domestic electricity generation. Since the crisis, the Sri Lanka Electricity Board (CEB) has suffered heavy losses continuously. Until recently, they had to ask for a 835% electricity bill increase with small energy consumers. As a result, people who use less than 30 kilowatts of electricity a month will now pay 54.27 rupees ($0.15), but CEB is trying to raise 507.65 rupees ($1.44).

However, Sri Lanka's Public Utilities Board (PUCSL) acknowledged that the vast majority of consumers in the country are not capable of being responsible for this much higher electricity bill. Therefore, there is a plan to request direct subsidies from the Ministry of Finance. To help reduce the upcoming electricity bill to less than half that CEB has requested.

The crisis in Sri Lanka is also causing international concern. especially in terms of people's lives The United Nations (UN) estimates that at least 1.7 million Sri Lankans are in urgent need of assistance. Four in five Sri Lankans need to cut back on their food intake due to severe food shortages and falling currency.

The United Nations is working to open $47 million in emergency funding to help vulnerable people in Sri Lanka. It is in the process of discussing with the Sri Lankan government to find a way to help as much as it can. by the disclosure of the US Embassy For Sri Lanka, the US government has provided $158.75 million in aid to Sri Lankans in the past two weeks.
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