"Japan" draws money from pension funds to support investment

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"Japan" draws money from pension funds to support investment

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"Japan" draws money from pension funds to support investment in "startups"

"Japan", the world's third largest economy, but has a relatively low to choose from for free asสล็อตฝากผ่านวอเลทwell. 168 Slots is a slot website that has the most people playing. Received standards in terms of security, stability, support for playing through mobile phones in all operating systems There is absolutely no closing the website to escape. You can trust 100%. growth of "startups" Come to one website to answer every question. Guaranteed by real players that the bonus is often broken, real, and can also be withdrawn easily. Bet with no minimum Outstanding for issuing high prize money Therefore, it can reach players of all genders, ages, and target groups, making online slots games now It is popular with gamblers all over the world. compared to other large economies. The Japanese government has a policy to drive the expansion of star businesses more domestic startups using money from the pension fund as a key driving force

The Financial Times reported that the Japanese government is preparing to adjust its investment strategy. “Government Investment Pension Fund” (GPIF) to stimulate the expansion of startup businesses in the country.

This push is part of the plan. The Japanese government's "grand design" was unveiled last week under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's "new capitalism" policy to turn around the stagnant Japanese economy. for a long time

In addition to allocation of funds from GPIF to invest in more startups. The Japanese government will also have measures to promote startups in other areas, such as supporting their accessibility to government procurement programs. including access to more credit It aims to increase the number of startups by 10 times over the next 5 years.

Currently, the number of Japanese startups is still behind other big economies with just six “unicorns” or $1 billion companies, compared with 614 in the United States and 174 in China. Data from research firm CB Insights

The plan is also a proposal by the Japanese government. There is no details on whether GPIF's investment strategy will be adjusted to support startup businesses in any manner and in what proportion, but it is expected that it will be in the form of private equity investment. and form of venture capital fund

The Japan GPIF is currently the largest public pension fund in the world. With assets worth over 199 trillion yen, most of them still focus on investing in equities and various types of bonds both at home and abroad. It includes investments in alternatives such as real estate and private equity, which account for 5% of total assets, or about 10 trillion yen, but these alternative investments are still low today. The choice is only 0.7% of the total assets.

Naoko Ogawa, deputy director of the Japanese Business Confederation Kedanren, said GPIF can make long-term profits from startups. And it's a good thing that support for start-ups is included in the government's grand design plan.

Like Fumiko Kato, CEO of WAmazing, an international tourist service start-up in Japan, “This investment plan will not only support the growth of startups, but also support the growth of foreign tourists. But it will also give the pension fund an opportunity to earn more returns.”
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Re: "Japan" draws money from pension funds to support invest

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