Efforts needed to avoid Stormont election

Efforts needed to avoid Stormont election

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Efforts needed to avoid Stormont election


All efforts must be made to find an alternative to holding a fresh Stormont assembly election, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said.

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He was speaking after meeting four of the five largest parties in Belfast on Wednesday.

NI Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris has said he will fulfil a legal obligation to call a new poll on 28 October if an executive is not formed.

Mr Coveney commented that "timelines are never easy in Northern Ireland".

The political stalemate centres around the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) blocking the functioning of Northern Ireland's executive and assembly.

The DUP has protested against the Northern Ireland Protocol, a part of the Brexit deal which ensures free trade can continue across the Irish land border post-Brexit.

This has led to additional checks on some goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, prompting concern from unionist politicians.

Mr Coveney repeated that a deal on the protocol between the UK and EU by 28 October was "not realistic".

However, he has said the mood music has changed.
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