Far-right leader poised to run Italy

Far-right leader poised to run Italy

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Far-right leader poised to run Italy


For 40 years, Anna Maria Tortora has sold her ripe tomatoes and fresh cucumbers to loyal customers at her market stall in Rome. Little did she realise that the young girl who used to queue up holding the hand of her grandfather would now be on course to be Italy's next prime minister.

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"He was a wonderful person", she remembers, "and in love with his granddaughter."

With that little girl, Giorgia Meloni, having led her party to first place in the election, Anna Maria swells with pride. "I brought her up on my beans! She ate well, and she grew up well."

The market is in Garbatella, a working-class southern neighbourhood of Rome and traditionally a bastion of the left.

It's an incongruous origin for a politician now in pole position to become Italy's first far-right prime minister since Benito Mussolini. Once the results of Italy's snap election are confirmed, the country's president, Sergio Mattarella will consult party leaders to determine who can lead a stable government. Ms Meloni, as the front-runner, will argue she has first refusal.

"She's not representative of this area, which is historically red," says Marta, a shopper pushing her pram past the vegetable stalls. Her elderly mother, Luciana, tells me she's scared of the prospect. "I'm profoundly anti-fascist," she adds. "If she gets in, it will be a very ugly period."

The fascist label is something that Giorgia Meloni vehemently rejects. Speaking in English, Spanish and French in a recent video, she insisted it had consigned the ideology to history.

But history is part of the problem in a country which had no equivalent of Germany's de-Nazification after the war, allowing fascist parties to reform. Founded in 2012, Brothers of Italy has its political roots in the Italian Social Movement (MSI), which rose from the ashes of Mussolini's fascism.
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