Singapore confirms first case of monkeypox in Thailand

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Singapore confirms first case of monkeypox in Thailand

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Channel News Asia reported that Singapore's Ministry of Health confirmed on July 6 a case of monkey pox was confirmed. which is Singapore's first domestic patient He is a 45-year-old Malaysian male residing in Singapore. The patient is currently admitted to the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and is in stable condition.

The Ministry of Public Health further stated that The case was not linked to an imported monkey pox case announced on June 21, and it was the first case of monkeypox found in the country. He began to develop a skin lesion in the lower abdomen on June 30, followed by fatigue and swollen lymph nodes on July 2, until he had a fever and sore throat on July 4. preliminary examination until the infection was confirmed The patient has three close contacts, all of whom will be quarantined for 21 days after their last contact.

Singapore's Ministry of Health also stated that It will closely monitor the situation of monkeypox and adjust the necessary preparation and response measures. (Channel News Asia)
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